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The Junior ACFA Program is designed for youth between 7 and 17 years old. (A youth under the age of 7 may be admitted at the discretion of the Chairperson.) The purpose of this program is to acknowledge, honor and educate the youth in our lives. Our youth are the future of ACFA, and by establishing a program that rewards them for learning about our feline friends, the Cat Fancy, exhibiting, breeding and caring for these beautiful animals, we are thus helping to ensure the future of this association to which we are all so dedicated.

The Junior ACFA Program focuses on feline exhibiting and education. ACFA members and other knowledgeable adults will offer age-appropriate classes on topics of interest to youth such as grooming, handling, behaviors, basic feline first aid, clerking and stewarding techniques.

If you would like to give a class for Junior ACFA members, sponsor awards, or help with the program in another way, please contact Jan Rook by email at or by telephone at (417) 860-7064.






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Junior ACFA Chairman
Janet M Rook  

333 Wild Horse Rd
Billings MO 65610