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Longhair Exotic Breed Synopsis




  Longhair Exotic Breed Standard






The Longhair Exotic is a result of the Exotic Shorthair breeding. The breed was recognized for championship status in ACFA in 1992. The standard calls for a Persian type cat and comes in all colors and patterns. The registration rules allow Exotic Shorthair to Exotic Shorthair breeding (longhairs can occur), Longhair Exotic to Exotic Shorthair (both longhairs and shorthairs can occur) and Longhair Exotic to Longhair Exotic (only longhairs will occur). The pedigree of ancestry may reflect Himalayan, Persian, American Shorthair, British Shorthair and Burmese. The breed has a wonderful laid-back temperament but does require the work involved with any longhaired Persian type cats.



















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