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The Persian origin is believed to be Asia Minor, and was once referred to as the Asiatic cats. Persians are bred in a profusion of colors and are an important part of the pedigree cat show scene. They have a long and distinguished history in the cat fancy, appearing regularly in cat show for over 100 years. Royal patronage was given to the breed by Queen Victoria, whom herself owned two blue Persians. And the Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VII, is recorded as having donated and presented a special prize for Persians at a popular cat show of the time. The Persian now has the distinction of being the most popular breed today.

The Persians are renowned for their placid, gentle temperament and for their aptitude for adjusting to any new environment, making them ideal exhibition cats. They have quiet, melodious voices - - - at least compared to that of the Siamese, say- - - and, although not usually shy, tend to be undemonstrative.















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