American Cat Fanciers Association        

Rainbow Bridge Cat Show




This is a chance for you to honor those cats and kittens no longer with us; it is for only deceased cats.  You may go back as many years as you have photos.  It is not meant to replace cats being listed in the Yearbook – please support the Yearbook with cats you have lost this year.  You may also include those cats in this listing.

The pages will be set up like a show catalog with classes for kittens, adults, alters and household pets.  If you have photos of your cat as a kitten, adult and alter and want to include three different photos, that is fine also, but you will need to pay for each photo.  Our webmaster Lisa Rowe has agreed to set up the pages and can add photos and info as she receives the photos.


Send jpg of your cat(s) together with the following information:

Whether the cat is kitten, adult, alter or hhp. 

BREEED, COLOR, SEX (we need no titles)






Kitten Class

Singapura – Sepia agouti Female


Breeder: James W Mendenhall

Owner: James W Mendenhall  (in this case it would be Breeder/Owner: James W Mendenhall)


Household Pet Class

Longhair Blue silver Spay

Owner:  Elmer Fudd 

For EACH entry, send or phone payment of $10 for EACH entry to the Central  Office


P.O. Box 1949

Nixa, Missouri  65714

Even better is to phone a credit card number to (417) 725-1530. 

Send jpgs (preferably each in a separate email) to the webmaster at

When Lisa hears from the office that they have received your payment she will post your photo(s).  Please send ONLY jpgs, no actual photos; if you do not have the photos scanned, ask a friend to scan them for you.

There will be NO judging, just the pleasure of having your beloved cats on the web for all to see – of course it is a fundraiser!  I promise to put up at least three photos.


Jim Mendenhall