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Bev Amos, Eastern Canada RD cat Happy earned an Inter-American and EC Region awards during the 2012-13 show season and was featured in her local paper!

THE DAILY GLEANER      Live It!    Friday, august 30, 2013  


Local cat wins international award



Top cat: A pedigreed three-year-old Cream Lynx Birman alter cat was awarded a top Inter-American Award at the American Cat Fanciers Association annual awards banquet held in Wisconsin. Finn Farmís Hot Toddy, aka Happy, was awarded 9th Best Alter, Best Birman Alter and Best Cream Lynx Birman Alter. Happy is the only cat from Eastern Canada to win this top 20 award in nine years. Happy is owned by Bev Amos and Julie Amos of Nasonworth

Don Finger judging at the Seaside Allbreed Cat Club, 2014

"Catfederacy" cat show in Gettysburg PA. 2015

Nancy Supran with her cat Sandy, getting into the spirit of the show with her hoop dress.
Chickadee cat show, June 2016

Finn Farmís Lucki Liíl Pal-O-Mine with the show manager practicing his pole dancing routine on Sunday morning before the show began.

Chickadee cat show, June 2016  

Best Alter in Jan Rookís ring on Sunday
Chickadee cat show, June 2016
Best of Best Ring Cats Around the World
Chickadee cat show, June 2016

Photo of the many vendors in the show hall

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