July 21, 2017
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Schedule of Cat Shows & Activities

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Clubs must have approval from their Regional Director for new show dates & changes to the established show dates.  After approval from the Regional Director contact Central Office.


Central Office lists the information to the ACFA Website as sent to us by the clubs and is not responsible for the accuracy of neither dates nor judges shown in any listed show.  Starting August 2002 the official Show Calendar will cover a 24-month period.  Any club, which has held a show on the same date for two consecutive years, will have that date listed on the calendar.  Show information to magazines & publications will not take place until the Show License or $50 deposit is paid



Past Show Schedule for 2015- 2016




Show Season 2017-2018


August 2017


August 5-6    Granite Kitty Cat Club         Cologne MN            

Sat – AB: J Rook, M Priest, P Lanners  SP: Amy Hanson                                    (Dep Paid)  (lic show)

Sun – AB: D Finger, G Hornung, S Sanderlin-Berry, D Redtfeldt

EC: Karly Chnupa; 6212 US Hwy 6 # 204, Portage IN 46368     Show Flyer

   Ph: 219-678-5049  (5pm - 9pm)  Email:

Show Hall: Cologne Community Center; 1211 Village Parkway, Cologne MN 55322
show manager:  Alan Lanners, 608-427-3672      cell: 608-377-0223

August 15-18   ACFA ANNUAL BAORD MEETING / ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET & AWARDS PROGRAM  Kissimmee, FL                                                                           

Ramada Inn – Gateway in Kissimmee, Fl; 7470 Hwy 192 West, Kissimmee, FL 34747

Room rate: $74 +tax/night with no pet fee. There is a $50 refundable security fee.  Ph: (800) 327-9170


August 19-20    Coast To Coast Cat Club          Kissimmee FL
Sat - AB: D Eckhart, J Rook, S Sanderlin-Berry, H MacDougall          (lic show)
Sun - AB: J Apel-Klarner,  J Irwin, R Burthay SP: L Borg          

EC: Karon Hansberger; 8104 Panther Ridge Trail, Bradenton FL 34202      Show Flyer   Show Entry

       Ph: 301-233-3877  (call before 9PM  EST)   Email:

Show Hall: Ramada Inn – Gateway in Kissimmee, FL

                  7470 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy,  Kissimmee, FL 34747

               Ph: (800) 327-9170 (9AM-6PM)  / For the Coast To Coast Cat Show rates.

Room rate: $74 +tax/night with no pet fee. There is a $50 refundable security fee




September 2017


September 2-3   Kentuckiana Cat Club         Louisville KY            (Established Club Show Date)

Sat - AB: M Schmidt, S Sanderlin-Berry, P. Lanners  SP: A Lanners       (lic show)

Sun - AB: R Summers, D Eckhart, J Mendenhall, P Steckman                  

EC: Dolores Kennedy; 4711 Longborough Ct, Jeffersontown, KY 40299     Show Flyer

           Ph: 502-491-8980  Email:

Show Hall: Kentucky Exposition Center/ West Hall A; 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY 40209
Show Hotel:  Days Inn Airport, Fair & Expo   2905 Fern Valley Rd  Louisville, KY 40213  502-968-8124      Rate: $60 single/$65 double  No pet fee  48 hour cancellation  The block will be held until 8/24

September 16-17   Fox River Valley Cat Club         Menasha WI            

Sat – AB: R Summers, R Burthay, J Rook, D Wich                                          (Lic Show)

Sun – AB: J Apel-Klarner, K Prucha, P Lanners  SP: L Landers-Dickson

EC: Karly Chnupa; 6212 US Hwy 6 # 204, Portage IN 46368   Show Flyer      Show Entry

   Ph: 219-678-5049  (5pm - 9pm)  Email:     Show Summary      Show Map

Show Hall:  Winnegamie Dog Club; 2043 Manitowoc Rd, Menasha WI 54952

September 16-17   Bluenose Cat Club / Lucky Paws Cat Club  "Kittens in Kilts"      Dartmouth NS Canada
Sat - AB: S Sanderlin-Berry, H MacDougall, E MacDonald (CCA), V Merrill (CFF)  SP: D St Hilaire      (dep paid)
Sun - AB: C Jodan, G Hornung, D Blackmore, N Menweg (CCA), P Buchanan (CFF)                 

EC: Stephanie Ingram; Email:     Show Flyer      Show Entry

               Enter Online:

Show Hall: Cole Harbour Place, 51 Forest Hills Parkway, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6C6  Canada

2016-2017 Eastern Canada Regional Awards Banquet

Saturday – September 16, 2017 at 6:30p.m. – R.S.V.P

Downeast Beer Factory

612 Windmill Rd

Dartmouth NS Canada

September 23   Ozark MTN Cat Fanciers        Branson MO           

Sat – [AM] AB: G Hornung, S Sanderlin-Berry, M Priest  SP: A Hanson                           (Dep Paid)

         [PM]  AB: R Summers, D Finger, TBA   SP: L Landers-Dickinson

EC: Karly Chnupa; 5212 US Hwy 6 # 204, Portage IN 46368     Show Flyer
      Email:     Ph: 219-678-5049

Show Hall: Branson-Hollister Lions Club; 1015 E State Hwy 76, Branson MO 65616



October 2017

October 7-8   Cat-N-Around Cat Club         Des Moines IA           (Established Club Show Date)

Sat – AB: J Rook, P Lanners   SP: A Hanson,  L Landers-Dickinson          (Lic Show)

Sun – AB: D Finger, D Redtfeldt, V Merrill (CFF Guest Judge), R Boiselle (CCA Guest Judge)

EC: Harriet Seehusen; 901 E Salem, Indianola IA 50125

        Ph: 515-961-8495   Email: 

Show Hall: Iowa State Fairgrounds; 3000 E Grand Ave, Des Moines IA 50317

October 21-22   Friendly Kat Fanciers of Iowa        Cedar Rapids IA            (Established Club Show Date)
Sat - AB: J Apel-Klarner,  J Rook, D Wich  SP: A Hanson                (dep paid) (lic show)

Sun – AB: D Finger, G Hornung, K Prucha, D Redtfeldt

EC: EC: Karly Chnupa; 6212 US Hwy 6 # 204, Portage IN 46368

   Ph: 219-678-5049  (5pm - 9pm)  Email:

Show Hall: Teamsters Union Hall; 5000 J St SW, Cedar Rapids IA 52404

October 22   West Japan Cat Families                                    Hiroshima Japan

Sun: AB: O Yamamoto, T Mimachi, T Miura, I Tahira                                  (Lic Show)

EC: Kyoko Nishimoto; 2-18-4-2, Hataga, Aki-ku, Hiroshima 736-0088 Japan

     Ph: +81-82-292-5577  Email:

Show Hall: Hiroshima Prefecture Industrial Hall; 12-18 Hijiyama-Honmachi, Minami-ku,

                   Hiroshima 738-0012 Japan

October 28- 29        North Cascades Cat Fanciers                                                     Lacey WA

Sat – Judges TBA                                                                     (Dep Paid)

Sun – Judges TBA


For additional information contact Sue Sanderlin-Berry    email:

November 2017
November 4-5   Janesville Allbreed Cat Club         Janesville WI           (Established Club Show Date)
Sat - TBA      (dep paid)
Sun - TBA   

November 18-19   Gulf Coast Touch of Class         FL           (Established Club Show Date)
Sat - TBA      
Sun - TBA   

November 25-26   The International Manx&Cymric Society     Crown Point IN      (Established Club Show Date)
Sat - TBA
Sun - TBA


December 2017

December 2-3   Maine Street Cat Fanciers         FL           (Established Club Show Date)
Sat - TBA      (dep paid)
Sun - TBA   

EC: Doug Blackmore / LeighAnn Blackmore; PO Box 1685, Eustis FL 32727

       Ph: 352-455-4466 (Until 9 p.m. EST)   Email:

Show Hall: TBA

January  2018

January 27-28    Hidden Paw Cat Club         Timonium MD   (Established Club Show Date)
Sat - TBA
Sun - TBA



February  2018

February 3-4   Rock Valley Cat Club       Loves Park IL        (Established Club Show Date)

Sat – AB: L Alitz, D Wich, TBA, TBA        (dep paid)

Sun – AB: TBA, TBA, TBA  SP: L Borg         


Show Hall: Forest Hills Lodge; 1601 West Lane Road, Loves Park IL 61111  


February 15-16    Semi-Annual Board Meeting              Kansas City, MO

La Quinta Inn & Suites MCI Airport

6901 NW 83rd St

Kansas City MO 64152

Ph: 816-587-6262   Fax: 816-587-5545

Email:  or


March  2018

March 3-4  Ozark Mountain Cat Fanciers          Branson MO

Sat – TBA          (dep paid)

Sun - TBA



March 10-11   Dunes Cat Fanciers Inc                          Crown Point IN     (Established Club Show Date)

Sat – TBA       (lic show)

Sun - TBA


March 17-18   Catfederacy of Gettysburg         Gettysburg, PA   (Established Club Show Date)

Sat - TBA

Sun - TBA


April  2018
April 7-8   Minn-Kota Feline Club                          West Fargo ND         ( Established Club Show Date )  

Sat – TBA

Sun – TBA



April 21     Hoosier Hisser’s Cat Club        Fort Wayne IN       (Established Club Show Date)

Sat - (AM) Judges TBA            ( Lic Show )

        (PM) Judges TBA

EC: Jill Kitson; 5504 Wheelock Rd, Fort Wayne IN 46835

        Ph: 260-503-9587    Email:

Show Hall: Allen County Fairgrounds, Home & Family Arts Building

                   2726 Carroll Rd, Fort Wayne IN 46818

April 21-22 North Cascades Cat Fanciers        WA       (Established Club Show Date)
Sat - TBA          
Sun - TBA   

April 28-29   Gopher State Cat Club                       Hopkins  MN          (Established Club Show Date)

Sat – TBA

Sun – TBA


April 28-29   Gulf Coast Touch of Class                           FL          (Established Club Show Date)
Sat - TBA         
Sun - TBA 


Corrections. . . . If your Club Information is not up-to-date or incorrect, Email your corrections and updates to ACFA Central Office so that your updates are included in the published Show Calendar, on this Web page, and in the ACFA Bulletin.

Last-minute changes ONLY (within 2 weeks of your show date) can be emailed directly to the

This show calendar lists ALL shows for calendar dates clubs have reserved.
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