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Request for adding your name and cattery to the Breeders' Directory





NEW / RENEWING MEMBERS ! - This message is directed to both members that have previously sent their membership dues to ACFA Central Office, and now at a later date, desire their cattery to be listed on breeders pages. You may E-mail your listing information (see form above) directly to me, Webmaster, or send the form to ACFA, P.O. Box 1949, Nixa, MO 65714-1949. It may take as much as 4 weeks from the date of sending/E-mailing your request for your listing to appear on the ACFA breeders list. As noted earlier, EACH name must be verified as being a paid member prior to inclusion on the breeders list.

QUICK-RESPONSE for BREEDERS LISTING - The Quickest way to get your cattery listed on the ACFA breeders page is to Apply/Renew your membership (get your ACFA membership form here) Send both forms together with your check for membership to the ACFA, the address shown on the form.    Please Print clearly.   

Using these two Mail-in forms together circumvents the approval cycle and the need for resubmitting the above request form, thereby minimizing the time between your request and when you see actually your name on the breeders list.




CAUTION: - If you submit your Request and have NOT paid your CURRENT membership dues, or LESS than 30 days have elapsed since applying for or renewing a membership, your name may NOT YET be available to the webmasters as having a PAID MEMBERSHIP.

For the FASTEST way of getting your breeders listing on our ACFA list is to email your request to our webmaster with the requested information, but only if your membership is current.

One of the benefits of your ACFA membership is the privilege to have your name(s) and addresses included on the breeders list.   All PAID members are eligible.

Requirement:    The requirement to add your name to the ACFA list is simple: 

You must be a member in good standing (CURRENT membership dues paid).

If your CURRENT membership dues are paid, and you wish to Add your name to our ACFA breeders list; send the following information to ACFA or our webmaster.

* = Blanks that MUST filled
Your Name(s):___________________________________*

E-Mail: _____________________________*       Phone ________________*

Address ____________________________________________

City:  ______________, *   State: ____ *   Country: _USA__ Canada

   ZIP _________    Cattery Name ____________________

Breed(s)______________________________________*   2 max

Please check your membership expiration date prior to submitting your request.
If you are unsure, contact central office.
Applicants membership expiration date will be VERIFIED PRIOR to posting.

Note: Names will be removed from the breeders list 30 days after membership expiration.

Web Page URL:_________________________________
See requirement below for adding your web page &: linking.
If you wish your address not to be listed, please insert NotPost (not to post) on the address line. Thanks!


E-Mail Info to:   or Send form to ACFA, P.O. Box 1949, Nixa, MO 65714-1949
To include your web page address (URL) , your page must meet the following ADDITIONAL requirements:

b 1.)  On your FRONT page(s) there must be an approved graphic, or the ACFA letters linked to the ACFA web page. This link must be within the initial viewing screen your visitors see of your page, before scrolling down. Having the ACFA link buried unnoticeably in your page, or at the page bottom, is not acceptable.
Approved Graphics:  To download approved graphic,
click your right mouse button,
then "save picture as",
place in your favorite file folder
2.)  If other Cat Registry organization are also mentioned on your first page, ACFA must be of equal or greater size than the other Registries.

3.)   The Webmaster reserves the right to refuse or remove a URL link to a breeders name if there is excessive advertising on the link, implications of unsavory practices, false advertising, fraudulent claims, anything illegal or immoral, non-compliant with ACFA linking rules, or anything on the web page that places a negative light on ACFA.