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Important Information from ACFA

Please read this before entering our Breeders Listings.  Presented within our ACFA pages are listings of member breeders, who have asked ACFA to provide their names and contact information for use by the public.   While this list is limited to catteries owned by members of ACFA, the listing of a cattery here does not mean that the cattery has been inspected by ACFA.   ACFA does NOT inspect catteries.   However, ACFA does encourage cattery owners to arrange for voluntary annual cattery inspections by licensed veterinarians or government animal inspectors, and awards the designation Cattery of Distinction to those catteries meeting the requirements of this program.  As with all such breeder listings, these listings are accepted by ACFA in good faith.  The assumption is made that all breeders provide healthy animals.   Under its bylaws, ACFA is not permitted to become involved in any disputes between buyers and sellers of cats, such as on health, quality, price, or any other issue related to the sale of cats.   It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to do any necessary research before making any such purchase.


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Abyssinian La Perm LH/SH
American Bobtail LH/SH Lin-qing Lion Cat (China Only)
American Curl LH/SH Lykoi
American Shorthair Maine Coon Cat
American Wirehair Manx
Aphrodite LH/SH Nebelung
Australian Mist Norwegian Forest Cat
Balinese Ocicat
Bengal Oriental LH/SH
Birman Persian
Bombay Peterbald
British LH/SH Pixiebob LH/SH
Burmese RagaMuffin
Burmilla LH/SH Ragdoll
Chartreux Russian Blue
Cornish Rex
Russian Shorthair
Cymric Scottish Fold LH/SH
Devon Rex Selkirk Rex LH/SH
Egyptian Mau Siamese
European Burmese Siberian
Exotic LH/SH
Highlander LH/SH Somali
Japanese Bobtail LH/SH Tonkinese
Khao Manee Toybob
Korat Turkish Angora
Kurilian Bobtail LH/SH Turkish Van