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  Khao Manee Breed Standard


The ideal cat of this breed is a medium sized cat of semi-foreign type, descended from and resembling the native Khao Manees of Thailand. It is a shorthaired, completely white cat with odd-colored eyes, or same-colored eyes. Indeed, the original eyed color of the breed may have been limited to blue. Khao Manees are derived from the native race of cats still seen in Thailand and other countries in SE Asia today. Like other native cats of SE Asia, they should have characteristics suitable for the hot, wet, tropical climate, including a lithe, but not extreme, body, medium length nose (handles hot air better than short noses), a very short smooth coat, and muscular and athletic but never bulky body. Preserving the resemblance to native Khao Manees includes, for example, preserving the natural sexual dimorphism. (Males should typically be 8 to 11 pounds and may have slightly heavier boning than females. Females should be typically 6 to 8 pounds.) It implies that characteristics more typical of Western breeds, such as very round heads are to be avoided.







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