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By clicking on the breed name of your choice, you will view the Information Page for this breed. Within each breed page, you will find a Synopsis of the breed which includes the origin of the breed, detailed descriptions including temperament as well as links to other pertinent articles of this particular breed and pictures of the breed.

Abyssinian La Perm LH/SH
American Bobtail - LH/SH Lin-Qing Lion Cat (China Only)
American Curl - LH/SH Lykoi
American Shorthair Maine Coon Cat
American Wirehair Manx
Aphrodite LH/SH Nebelung
Australian Mist Norwegian Forest Cat
Balinese Ocicat
Bengal Oriental LH/SH
Birman Persian
Bombay Peterbald
British LH/SH Pixiebob  - LH/SH
Burmese RagaMuffin
Burmilla - LH/SH Ragdoll
Chartreux Russian Blue
Cornish Rex Russian Shorthair
Cymric Scottish Fold - LH/SH
Devon Rex Selkirk Rex - LH/SH
Egyptian Mau Siamese
European Burmese Siberian
Exotic LH/SH Singapura
Havana Snowshoe
Himalayan Somali
Highlander LH/SH Sphynx
Japanese Bobtail - LH/SH Tonkinese
Khao Manee Toybob
Korat Turkish Angora
Kurilian Bobtail  - LH/SH Turkish Van