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Have you ever thought of the benefits of becoming a Regular Member of ACFA???  The advantages? The perks? The savings?  If you haven’t, please take time to read the following:

ACFA Bulletin:
Every Regular Member of ACFA receives a copy of the ACFA Bulletin, published 7 times a year [bi-monthly plus the October Election Issue containing the candidates, issues and ballot for voting], keeping you abreast of the latest happenings in ACFA through: articles of interest; notification and explanation of any amendments or additions to the Show/Registration Rules, Bylaws or Standards of Perfection; current Show Calendar and much much more.

Parade Year Book:
The ACFA Yearbook is a high-quality publication that honors the top  winning cats for the previous show year, not only at the Inter-American level but also for each of ACFA's regions. Photographs of the top Cats, Kittens, Alters and Household Pets are complemented by articles of interest to cat fanciers. Regular features include statistics from the show season, pictures of cats who have achieved all levels of grand championships, information about ACFA judges, a Friendly Faces section and advertisements. This book sells to non-members for $30.00 but is included in your annual dues at no extra charge.

Voting Privileges:
ACFA is run by its Members. Members dictate the future of the Association, not the Board of Directors or the Clubs or Committees.  The Members elect who will represent them on the Board of Directors; the Members suggest and ratify any amendments to the Rules of the Association; and the Breeders/Exhibitors of a particular breed vote on their Breed Committee and on any changes to their respective breed’s Standard of Perfection.

If your cats are currently registered with another association and are not Litter Registered with ACFA, we can register them with the proper information from other ACFA recognized associations.  Plus - you receive a 50% discount off the cost of the current registration fees  if you register 12 or more cats at the same time.  In addition, as a Member of A CFA, you may also register your cattery name with us for $25 off.  All other registrations are offered at a reduced price for Members … check out our Price List.

Other Benefits:
Website Listing – You will be able to place 2 free breed listings of your Cattery on our Website, which can include your name, address, phone and breed of cat as well as a link to your own Website. Additional breed listings are $10 each. Travel Club – You can take part in ACFA’s Vacation Travel Club, have fun, AND all proceeds go to ACFA!

Service to Your Association:
As a Member of ACFA, you have the right to become active in the inner workings of the Association.  Members in good standing are eligible to file as a candidate for the Board of Directors or may be elected to a Breed Executive Committee or the Jurisprudence Committee.  As a Member, you may also volunteer to serve on a variety of Advisory Committees working with the ACFA Executive Director and the Board.

We're more than just a Cat Registry - We're your Friendly Association!!