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The American Bobtail is an excellent example of breed development through natural selection. The foundation stock of this breed were found feral cats possessing a natural bobtail. Although the Bobtail cat has been in existence in America for many generations, the breed began its true development in the late 1960's.

A young couple discovered a bobtailed brown tabby male kitten on an Indian reservation in Southern Arizona. The kitten was rumored to be the product of a love tryst between a wild Bobcat and a domestic farm cat. The Sanders fell in love with this unique cat and subsequently bred him to a long tail female. The resulting offspring were born with bobtails. Thus the American Bobtail breed was born.

Breeders have since found other feral cats possessing natural bobtails to use as foundation stock. Conscientious breeders use only cats that sufficiently meet the American Bobtail standard in type. 


bobtail2Today's American Bobtails still possess the same characteristics of their feral ancestors. They are often said to have dog-like personalities and enjoy interactions with members of the family. Their unique loving, playful, outgoing personalities, intelligence and adaptability is what makes the American Bobtail the ultimate family companion. The American Bobtail is of above average intelligence as they were developed by Mother Nature to survive feral environments.

American Bobtails are a medium to large cat with a substantial rectangular body and should resemble a wild bobtailed cat. The tail is to be clearly visible above the back when the cat is alert and not to exceed the hock in length. The optimum tail is articulate and nearly straight with the slightest of curves. All of their combined physical characteristics provides them with the look of a bobtailed wildcat. This is a slow maturing breed taking 2 - 3 years to reach full adult type.

The American Bobtail comes in all colors and patterns both in long haired versions and short hairs. They are noted for their dog like personalities and their devotion to their owners. The American Bobtail easily adapts to any environment, whether it be busy or quiet.

The American Bobtail is fearless, yet not aggressive, and is excellent around other pets, and dogs, and small children. Their wild appearance can make them look very menacing, but this is only a disguise. They are always loving and friendly to humans. Males are very mellow and laid back, and are very assure of themselves. Males will allow females and kittens to eat first and are very protective of kittens.

An American Bobtail queen's make wonderful mothers and will readily adopt another queen's kittens as her own. The American Bobtail is truly a breed that once you have been properly introduced, you will never forget. Any other cat just won't do! Even people who are not cat lovers, often fall under the spell of the American Bobtail.





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