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The American Shortahir breeders like to say their breed started in 1620 when the first domesticated cats reached North America aboard the Mayflower. As pioneer families trekked inland, their cats accompanied them as part of their stock, and in this way the domestic cat gradually spread across the whole continent. The tough conditions under which the cats lived, resulted in equally tough cats. This was the beginning of the American Shorthair. As a result, the American is exceptionally strong and hardy. In the beginning, this breed was originally known as the Shorthair, but it soon came to be called the Domestic Shorthair. The domestic shorthair was upgraded by the infusion of pedigree shorthair blood from animals imported from Britian at the turn of the century. The breed was renamed the American Shorthair in 1966.


The physical aspects of the American Shorthair should compliment each other to present a perfect picture. The breed ranges in size from medium to large. The overall body is well knit and powerful with a hard, short coat. The American is less square in shape than the British Shorthair. It also has an oblong rather than round head, larger ears and longer legs.


This breed has no extremes in either conformation or temperament. Apart from their renowned hardiness, American Shorthairs are noted for their good disposition, intelligence and hunting ability. Its placid nature makes it an ideal pet and companion for small children and dogs. This is a very adaptable breed. The American is always one of the top recommendations for todays' busy households.



This hardy breed is bred in a variety of colors, except the Siamese pointed pattern. The best known are the silver tabbies, which can be seen in several commercials and movies today. See the standard for a list of colors and patterns accepted for this endearing hardy breed.











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