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The Burmilla is a breed of domestic cat which originated in the United Kingdom in 1981. It is a cross between the Chinchilla Persian and Burmese breeds.

Origin - The Burmilla was originally created accidentally in the United Kingdom. Two cats, a Chinchilla Persian named Sanquist, and a lilac Burmese named Faberge, were both awaiting a partner of their own breed in different rooms. One night the cleaner left the door open. The two cats bred, producing four kittens born in 1981 that were so adorable that a new breed was born. 

Appearance - Burmillas are medium-sized with muscular yet elegant bodies.  Their distinguishing feature is their sparkling silver coat, and distinctive “make up” lining the nose, lips and eyes.  The Burmilla comes in two coat lengths, semi long hair and shorthair. 

Temperament - The Burmilla is quite an irreverent and independent cat who adores its owner and displays many kitten-like characteristics even into adulthood. In temperament they are sociable, playful, and affectionate, and get along well with children and other animals.  





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