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A LaPerm's fur is curly with the tightest curls being on the belly, throat and base of the ears. LaPerms come in many colors and patterns. LaPerms generally have a very affectionate personality. 

The first LaPerm was born in 1982 and was a spontaneous mutation in an otherwise normal litter of kittens. The breed founders, Linda and Richard Koehl owned a cherry farm in The Dalles, Oregon.  The LaPerm is a rex breed. The breed is genetically unique and not related to any other rex cat varieties, having a dominant gene causing their curly coats.

They have an elegant and athletic build and are affectionate, active and outgoing in character. Their most significant feature is their coat which is made up of soft waves, curls and ringlets, resembling a shaggy perm.  The LaPerm is in many ways a cat of moderation with no extremes and is still true to its original type.    











La Perm breed chair


Heather Ord
1737 Lands End Rd
North Saanich, BC V8l 5J6 Canada