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The Nebelung is a sturdy, well-muscled, medium sized longhaired cat with a long body, wide-set green eyes and with a silky medium-length blue coat shimmering with silver at the tips. The name Nebelung, derived from the German word for mist or fog, Nebel, means a creature of the mists and is also the name of a medieval Germanic saga- the Nibelungenlied. The name was chosen by breed founder, Cora Cobb, to represent the cat's distinctive blue coat with silver tips which gives the cat's silky-soft coat a luminous, misty aura associated with a mythical creature rising from the mists. The tail is long with a full thick plume gracefully balancing the long body. The ears are large, in proportion to the head, and continue the elegant lines of the head. They have wide-set eyes that impart a look of intelligence to the face and range in color from yellowish green to green with emerald green being the preferred shade. This relatively new and rare breed recreates the Russian longhairs which were exhibited in the first British cat shows over one hundred years ago. For more information about the physical appearance of the Nebelung, please see the Nebelung standard.


A Nebelung is highly intelligent cat that is loving to its owners and family members. Some may be shy with strangers, especially young children but some are also wonderfully extroverted fun loving cats. A kitten will take time to adjust to a new home. If allowed to make its own advances, it should become a devoted companion for many years. Many Nebelungs are lap sitters, loving to be petted. Often they follow their owners from room to room just wanting to play or be around their people. If allowed, they enjoy sleeping on their owner’s bed. Overall, they are active, affectionate, intelligent, good-natured cats that make excellent companions.



The first registered Nebelungs were Siegfried, a male born in 1984, and named for the murdered dragon slayer in the germanic saga, the Nibelungenlied, and Brunhilde, a female born in 1985, named for the Icelandic queen in the same saga. Their mother was a black domestic shorthair named Elsa belonging to Cora's son, Karl, and the father was a blue domestic shorthair male that resembled a Russian Blue. Out of their first litter of six blue and black kittens, Siegfried was the only blue longhaired kitten-a beautiful, large kitten with long legs, long tail and the distinctive features of the Russian Blue combined with a medium length coat. Five months later a second litter was born to Elsa and her blue “boy friend”. Their second litter of seven kittens had another longhaired blue kitten but this time it was a female that Cora named Brunhilde. Her blue coat was longer and lighter than Siegfried's. In May 1986, Siegfried and Brunhilde’s first litter was born. They were gorgeous kittens, with their father’s Russian Blue body type and their mother’s long glossy hair. Shortly afterwards, in 1987, with the help of Dr. Solveig Pflueger, Cora applied to The International Cat Association (TICA) for New Breed status (NBC). In 1997, after 10 years of dedicated work developing the Nebelung breed, Cora Cobb and other breeders attained recognition and championship status for the Nebelung in TICA. Since then, the breed has been recognized by other cat associations including Le Livre Officiel des Orgines Felines (LOOF), the World Cat Federation (WCF), the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) and most recently our own association, ACFA.



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