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Peterbald cats are some of the most curious, outgoing creatures in the world.  They consider themselves to be the center of your universe, and are compelled to be involved in everything you do!  Whether it is following you around the house, riding on your shoulder, or snuggling under your blankets at night, your Peterbald will find many ways to ensure their participation in your everyday life.
Peterbald coats: 
The Peterbald cames in four basic coat types:
  Bald, flock, brush, and straight-coat.  The bald, flock, and brush coat are all show-quality, while the straight-coat is pet-quality only.  All coat types can be born in a litter, and a cat’s coat can often change from one type to another until he or she is two years old.



Kristine Kelpinski-Ehm
Cattery: Bershanardi

Waterford, WI














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