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  Scottish Fold Shorthair Breed Standard


This breed occurred as a spontaneous mutation in Scotland.  The unique feature of the breed, from which its name is derived, is the small, rounded, tightly folded shape of the ears, set in a cap-like fashion, exposing a rounded cranium.  Its rounded, well-padded body stands firm on short, coarse legs having no lack of mobility.  The tail should be medium to long, flexible and tapering. The coat is short, dense, and resilient.  It is accepted in a wide variety of colors and patterns
The Scottish Fold Longhair is a hybrid cat and best described as a longhair Scottish Fold (see the General Statement in the Scottish fold Standard for more details. All bonafide Scottish Fold Longhair cats trace their pedigree to Susie, the first folded eared cat discovered by the originators of both Scottish Fold Longhair and Scottish Fold Shorthair , William and Mary Ross.
Scottish Fold Longhairs can take up to two years to fully develop. Especially the development of the prominent cheek and jowl appearance that is expected in the males. Also eye color changes very slowly in Scottish Fold Longhairs sometimes making it difficult to determine if the eye color and coat color correspond.



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