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  Siberian Breed Standard


Centuries ago, these magnificent animals made their homes in Russian monasteries, where they would walk along the high beams as lookouts for intruders. Their agility, speed, and large size made them worthy opponents in the monasteries' shadowy interiors. But the monks who cared for these animals regarded them as loyal and loving companions. True to their heritage, the modern Siberians are still renowned for their sense of loyalty and their almost human displays of affection. People often say that they have personalities more like dogs than cats...

How is it that the Siberian is non-allergic? There is a protein in the feline saliva called FEL D-1. When the cat cleans itself, the protein then dries on the fur leaving dander. The dander particles are small and air filters cannot remove them from the air. The Siberian is void of the FEL D1 protein, therefore no dander. However if the allergic party suffers from the IgE 'late trigger' antibody reaction, they will find no benefit in owning a Siberian.


Physical characteristics:  Siberians are healthy, agile, strong and powerfully built. They are densely muscled. All their physical characteristics fall under the guidelines of medium. Although, their general over all appearance is powerful and thick rather than dainty, they are not the largest domestic cat here in America. Siberians are well proportioned. Ears are medium in size, legs are medium in length though thick. The body and tail are proportionate to one another. This is a well balance cat that has heft.


Personalities: Siberian kittens are extremely intelligent, playful and affectionate. They are easily trained, travel well, and have dog-like loyalty.


The Siberian Coat
Siberians are wrapped in plush, non-matting, and non-allergic fur. They shed twice a year very quickly, like a molting period. They shed in the spring and they shed in the fall.


The females average 8-12 pounds. The males average between 12-16 pounds. My largest neutered male weighs 18 pounds. Full maturity takes 4-5 years. Most of the size is reached in the first year and a half. The muscles continue to develop and strengthen and they will add weight years 2 through 5. They are densely muscled so they are heavy whatever their size.


Karon Hansberger
Cattery: Reigningcats

(301) 865-8750



Beth Sheetz
Cattery: Oladymoon

(920) 969-3871

Neenah WI 

Anna Slinker
(765)918-5038 Romney, IN
Rebecca Slinker
(765)918-0256 Romney, IN

Gloria Thomas
Cattery: Shrekberian

(386) 747-8802

Gleenwood, FL

 Breed Chair
Gloria Thomas
Glenwood FL