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"A small, warm, satin-coated heating pad" is the way the Singapura is described by the breed's originator Tommy Meadow.


The breed was based on several small, brown-ticked tabbies reportedly discovered living on the streets of Singapore. Wild Abyssinian and Burmese type cats are to be found in Singapore and it is probably from these cats that the original Singapuras developed.


Singapuras seem to thrive on human company and often become deeply attached to their owners. They are busy cats - if you are looking for an inactive cat that will sit around to be admired, don't choose the Singapura. Most Singapuras are vocally quiet cats and rarely use their voices. They enjoy high places in the house where their large eyes can take in everything that is going on around them. They can often be found "helping" with the cooking of dinner, the folding of laundry, the reading of books and newspapers, and the using of computers.


Singapuras usually get along well with other animals and seem to prefer living with some kind of company, not thriving when left alone all day. The kittens mature more slowly than some breeds, and most breeders prefer not to let kittens go to new homes before they are at least 16 weeks old. They come in only one color, sepia agouti.



Michael Carbno/

Lisa Stasiuk
Cattery Name:

(306) 313-8664

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan CA


Margo Hill
Cattery: Whisperstar

(347) 665-3309

Norwalk, CT


Lucie Albert Michaud
Cattery:  Khaleesy
(506)475-3478 Grand-Barchois, New Bruinswick, Canada








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Michael C Carbno