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The Sphynx is a genetic mutation. The stories date back over a century, where hairless cats have woven their way through history all over the world! However, the true nature of what we call Sphynx today emerged around the late 1960s in Canada. The personality of a Sphynx is comparable to that of many other breeds. Most of the time considered "loving to the point of annoying", you might expect to find a Sphynx on the shoulders of their owner, cuddled in bed stealing the covers, or on top of the TV... and always purring, ready for attention! It's hard to say "No" to a Sphynx. They live well with other cats, dogs, and love children!


The Sphynx have been compared to a chamois, a hot water bottle, and a baby's bottom. It truly is a wonderful WARM feeling! Sphynx do well in most climates; from Florida to Canada, contrary to thought. Sweaters are cute, but the Sphynx will find their own warm place to cuddle within. While the Sphynx is "hairless" it is not a hypoallergenic breed. The lack of coat is appealing to many who suffer from allergies or have asthma; however, the breed may still trigger an attack depending on how severe the allergies are.

ACFA accepts ALL eye colors and "skin" colors including solids, minks, tabbys, spotteds, calicos, pointeds, and many more. The breed standards allow a slight down or fuzz which comes from being bred to American Shorthair and Devon Rex in the past.  Breeders today are trying to keep them as hairless as possible. Slight down may be found on the nose, ears, and/or tail. Some of the key characteristics of the Sphynx include WRINKLES, large ears with wide "bells"(base of the ear), "chunky" bodies that look like the cat just ate a large meal, and a "rat-like" whipping tail. The Sphynx is not a petite or delicate breed. Females weigh about 5-8 pounds, a male might weigh up to 10 pounds.


Lori Ricigliano
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Cattery: Katspeek

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