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Half-Price Cattery Sale March 1 - May 1, 2019!!

 Members $17.50  (Reg. $35)

Non-Members $30  (Reg. $60)

Cattery Names are a one-time fee, there are no renewals!


Half-Price Pedigree Sale March 1 - May 1, 2019

                           3 Gens     4 Gens     5 Gens

Members:          $12.50       $25.00      $37.50

Non-Members: $17.50       $30.00      $42.50



 La Quinta Hotel - An ACFA Promo / Corporate Code discount of 12% is available with access code ACFAC4.  Go to and enter the promo code for nationwide discount for when you are traveling for cat shows or on a personal vacation. This discount also works for clubs when setting up your show motel. Simply provide your local La Quinta with this discount promo code, and they may be able to give you even more than a 12% discount for your group rate.  Some clubs have seen group rates of 20% or greater with the use of the promo code.


Motel 6- An ACFA Promo / CorporatePlus@6 Program! Code discount of 10% is available with access code CPV4VTYK.  Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-4MOTELS6 or  to  and enter the promo code for nationwide discount.


Red Roof Inn- An ACFA Promo Program.  Promo Code discount of 15% is available with access code ACFA Discount Code VP#621267   Go to   to make reservations and enter the promo code for the discount.





Delta SkyBonus Program
ACFA is now a member of Delta SkyBonus Program which matches your Delta Frequent Flyer Account.  Delta matches point for point all Skymiles you earn with every flight into an ACFA corporate account.  Once enough miles have been earned for a free ticket; they will be used to help offset Cindy's travel to Board of Directors meetings.  Once you have searched for flights, and you have selected your trip, you will be taken to the 3rd page where you enter your passenger information.  Right after you enter your passenger information and your Frequent Flyer number, just below, it will ask you if your company is Delta SkyBonus, this is where you will enter our Corp Code number: US0031867 in the box at the far right of that line.  You can give this Delta SkyBonus number to family members, neighbors, anyone you know who might be flying on Delta, and if
they are willing to enter this code, ACFA will get matching Frequent Flyer Miles.