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Over the past few years we have welcomed many new members to ACFA as well as new exhibitors to our shows. Whether you come from another association or are completely new to the Cat Fancy, we are delighted to have you.   I know that being new to anything can be a confusing time.   Let me take a minute, therefore, and tell you a few things about ACFA that I hope will be of help.

ACFA is a totally democratic association.  All members vote on all issues affecting changes in By Laws or Show Rules.   Breed Section members vote on changes to their own Breed Standard and Registration Rules concerning their breed.   The Board of Directors cannot make any rules about your breed. Only the breeders themselves can do that.   All members who are actively breeding or exhibiting automatically belong to one breed section. Other breed sections can be joined for a small fee.   Breed Section members elect a Breed Committee and Chair. That Committee can submit Standard changes to the Board.   The Board can only review those changes to be sure they do not violate existing rules and that they have been cleared by the Genetics Committee.   The Board cannot require changes or disallow them unless there is a legal or genetic reason.   The entire Breed Section then votes and a 2/3 majority of those voting is required to pass.   All members also vote to elect 3 national officers and a Regional Director for their own region. Clubs have no vote in ACFA, only individuals.


In ACFA a cat becomes a Champion with 4 winners ribbons.   It takes a total of 16 winners ribbons plus 6 finals to be a Grand.   Two of those finals must be AB Top 10. For Alters, two AB Top 5 are required.   All six finals must be under 6 different judges.   Finals won as an Open count toward your Grand. And many Opens are awarded top finals in ACFA.   Only quality of the cat is considered; not its title.   After achieving its Grand, a cat wins multiple Grand points by defeating other Grands.   Quadruple Grand is the highest title and at that point the cat is placed on the Supreme Roll of Honor.   HHPs are of extreme importance and honor in ACFA.   They win titles of Royal and Supreme by defeating other HHPs and accumulating the necessary points.   HHPs win Inter-American and Regional Top 20 awards just as do the whole cats.


ACFA also has two Legacy awards that can be earned. They are:

Legacy of Excellence - This is won by a sire or dam which has produced a specific number of Grand Champion offspring. The cat is entitled to use the designation LE after its name.

Legacy of Achievement - This is won by a cat which has earned Inter-American Top 20 or Regional Top 10 awards in any 3 years.   The cat is entitled to use the designation LA after its name.

For the cost of membership you receive a Bulletin 7 times a year with a great deal of important information in it.
   You also receive the ACFA Year Book, our annual yearbook, included with your membership at no extra cost.   Family members can be added to a regular membership for an additional amount. All regular and family members vote on all issues pertaining to the general association and all issues for their specific breed section. ACFA members also can receive 2 free listings on our Breeders pages; the most heavily visited pages on our web site. Breeders web page linking is also possible when the page meets the ACFA criteria.      

ACFA has championship status for most established breeds and colors.   Visit the Breeds page for a complete listing.   


Cats whose Sire and Dam are not ACFA registered may be individually registered in ACFA with proof of registration in another major association and a 3 generation pedigree with names and registration numbers (Bengals require a 4 generation pedigree).   Members registering 12 or more cats at the same time get a substantial discount.   Cattery name registration submitted with a membership is also discounted.   Cats and Alters, except Bengals, Korats and Singapuras can be shown in ACFA shows one time without an ACFA registration number by paying a small listing fee per day.   Prices on other services are listed on the Service Fees document.


Our web site has a considerable amount information about ACFA.   We urge you to spend time at our site to discover the wealth of information. To find what region you are in and who your Regional Director is, go to the About ACFA page.   Many of our forms are available on the forms page for downloading.   Many of our standards are there on the breed pages, as well, and we are working hard on getting all of the Standards on our web site.  You will find a complete show schedule on the Show Calendar and many interesting feline articles in the Articles section.


Above all, ACFA prides itself on well run, professional shows where everyone has FUN.   If you haven't tried an ACFA show yet we hope you will in the near future.   If you have any questions about ACFA I would love to hear from you as would your Regional Director and the ACFA Central Office at

Jim Mendenhall, ACFA President